Forest Hills NY Storm Damage Recovery

Weatherproofing your company is smart, however you cannot prepare for complete structural damage when severe weather hits the Forest Hills.

Damage Caused by Storms

Turbulent weather happens around the country, but weather in NY can be especially crazy. Whatever the storm throws at you, the potential for structural or cosmetic damage to your company is a reality. Based on the season, you can anticipate to see conditions for different kinds of damage dealt to your property.

The high winds and heavy rain that come with thunderstorms and hurricanes are strong enough to cause serious problems for your property. After a serious storm, you may have heavy rubble around your building, such as stripped siding and even uprooted trees or utility poles. Electrical systems in your building are susceptible to damage during strong thunderstorms, leaving your business without power.

Similar to thunderstorms, winter storms can cause severe damage to your building. Winter storms can force you inside, unable to remedy damage outdoors. Fast winds and heavy snow may cause roof damage, peel the siding of your property or even knock over trees or utility poles. Snow and ice pileup can also break utility lines, leaving your property without power. Additionally, low temperatures freeze pipes.

Storm Damage Repairs

From basement to roof, We are prepared to bring your company back to its normal state. We provide the following services for storm damage recovery.

We know there’s no convenient time for weather to strike, so we offer 24/7 emergency services. Just contact us the moment you notice damage to your property and our first responders will work hard to assess the damage and fix it.

Once we reach your building, our service masters can conduct a storm damage assessment. From ceiling to basement, we comb through your commercial property for trouble spots caused by wind, water and other elements.

In severe cases of storm damage, our specialists can carry out an emergency board up. We also fix mold and water damage resulting by poor weather.

Serious storms can rattle the structure of your property and the perimeter around it. In the event of fallen trees, we provide structural stabilization and reconstruction.

Paul Davis in Forest Hills NY

Insurance is the last problem on the brain after surviving a storm.

We work with your insurance to make sure your claims are filed and you get the money you need to recover.

Call Paul Davis today to work with the Forest Hills NY office. If your business has survived damage from a storm, call the professionals at Paul Davis.